Team Effectiveness

Do you ever feel like your leadership team isn't as effective as it could be despite the members' skills and competencies? Do your team meetings consist of a series of "report-outs?" Does there sometimes seem to be an elephant in the room, but you don't know what it is?

The most significant roadblocks for teams lie not in the parts or the people but in the connections. The absence of trust, failure to create a shared purpose, and lack of structure diminish the team’s effectiveness and support of the larger organization. Your team can be better than the sum of its parts. It can generate new thinking and ideas that no individual could have arrived at on their own.

I will work with you and your team to ensure that members work together, with others, and within their larger environment to build psychological safety, leverage each team member's unique strengths, and design new ways of thinking and working. The team will elevate its collective potential, purpose, and performance while operating in support of the larger organization to achieve its goals.


"I initially hired Kristen to coach me and another manager at Bridgeway in 2022. I immediately found our time together each week invaluable. I experienced both professional and personal growth while working with Kristen individually. Kristen is willing to ask tough questions and push me out of my comfort zone. She held me accountable, but I felt highly supported and deeply cared for. She has a lovely way of building a trusting relationship with her clients. She then worked jointly with my co-founder and me as we navigated a challenging season. Although we only worked with her together for a few months - that time was transformational in our relationship with each other and our leadership Team.
When Kristen told me she was working to become a team coach, I was excited to volunteer our team to work with her! She worked with our Academic Leadership Team on some communication challenges and helped us unearth some deeply rooted issues. Kristen was gracious and kind but direct with our team, who began to open up and become vulnerable with one another. We were able to move forward through some difficult situations and create a firm plan for the future. Kristen is an excellent communicator, coach, and facilitator! My Bridgeway leadership team has grown leaps and bounds with Kristen’s help!"

— Erin Nealy, Co-Executive Director, Bridgeway Academy