Professional development is essential to the health of any organization. An investment in learning builds engagement and commitment, in addition to helping people grow. I offer workshops on various topics, all designed to build leadership and professional effectiveness. I personalize each workshop to the client’s audience and objectives. Current programs include:

Remotely Possible 
Leading and Onboarding in a Virtual World

Your Best Team
You, Your Relationships, and Team Health

Your Best You
Leadership and Professional Effectiveness

Time Change
Boost Energy and Productivity

Diane Nabrzeski-2
"Kristen's "Your Best You" workshop was fabulous! It was powerful, engaging, action-provoking and generated lots of great conversation long after the fact."

— Diane Nabrzeski, Vice President, College Sales, Sage Publishing

"Your Best You" really inspired me to be introspective. As a result of attending Kristen's workshop, I am practicing the steps needed to strengthen my leadership and to improve both my personal and professional well-being."

— Lara Para, Acquisitions Editor, Sage Publishing
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